Aviation Security

The threat to Civil Aviation is a global problem effecting countries in all regions, with security concerns transcending International boundaries. VIPFIRST will provide safe and secure security solution, tailor-made to suit individual or customers’ security programme. We will provide a complete range of security services to the airlines and airports to safeguard them against security threats.

The services delivered are within the framework of U.K. / E.U. legislation and in accordance with the national requirement of the particular airline. The company has the requisite trained manpower and technology to provide the best possible security solutions to the clients, which is reliable, cost effective and compatible with the operational requirements for the individual airline.

All good security service companies strive to stand out in the market, but we understand the core issue of SAFETY OF THE AIRLINE/AIRCRAFT and also CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. We recognise that the need of each customer is different and to this end we have bespoken solutions. The company believes that the clients’ interest comes first and working with them as a team we can unlock their potential.

Our management team comprises of experienced individuals, who have worked in the security industry for many years gaining experience starting at the shop floor and reaching senior management positions. This allows us to relate with all aspects of security operations.

 VIPFIRST Security are able to provide fully trained uniformed security operatives in the following areas:

•          Front desks, check-in and documentation Inspection.

•          Passenger Profiling.

•          Departure gates documentation Inspection.

•          Aircraft Access Doors Control.

•          Aircraft search, security inspection and control of third-party contractors.

•          Aircraft Ramp control and guarding.

•          Baggage sortation control and guarding.

•          Cargo / baggage dolly transfer guarding.

•          Cargo warehouse security.

•          Airline catering security.

•          Baggage security


Security is everyone’s’ business and we will ensure that our staff are trained to be aware and to never turn a blind eye.

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